Slam Lock Trellis Security Gates

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Improve the safety of your home

We manufacture an double upright gate 12,7 x 12,7. Cold Rolled Tubing’s are used specifically moulded for Slam Lock Trellis Gates. The standard gate has 2 locks : 1 Slam-Lock & 1 Hook-Lock. Improve the safety of your home with the Tonicdor Slam Lock Security range of products.

They are powder coated and fixed on all 4 sides. They are fitted with the correct nylon plugs on coat screws.

The gate contains no plastic part, the connecting joints on the bottom are steel and the runners on the top hung use steel bearings.

Applications :

  • Sliding Door
  • On Windows (Open and close like small gate)
  • In your passage (For a good nights sleep)
  • Shopfronts

Quality and Affordable Slam Lock Security Doors. We install anywhere in Gauteng.

Our security doors are available in the following colours:

Home Security: Why the Trellis Gate is One of the Most Useful Security Tools

A Trellis gate and window guards are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure the safety and protection of your family, home and valuables. Trellis gates and doors usually have two locks: 1 slam lock and 1 manual hook lock. Security gates with slam locks enable quick securing of access points to your home or business, but also allows for quick exits in case of emergency. The manual hook lock is secured with the key and adds an extra level of security to trellis gates.

With the Trellis gate, one key fits all, by fitting multiple Trellis doors and sliding window guards which use the same key, the manufacturers make for easy access and convenience for any buyer.

Most Trellis Slam Lock doors are made from light weight A-Grade steel which ensures maximum strength and protection. No plastics are used in the manufacture process to ensure that the Trellis gate have exceptional stability. Galvanised twin steel legs improve aesthetics while providing extra strength and to prevent tampering with the roller mechanism. The galvanised bottom track is durable and ensures smooth sliding of the Trellis door.

Trellis doors are made-to-measure and professionally installed for perfect fit for increased protection. The durable, easy to clean finish of the powder coated Trellis gate is chip resistant and low maintenance which means that your security gate will both work well, and look good.

Providing a great deterrent against burglary, Trellis gates are the first choice for many types of customers; from retailers, households, supermarkets, office buildings and warehouses, dentists, doctors and hospitals.

So, whether you need a pair of gates for the entrance to your property, or a simple side gate, Trellis gates have a range that provide a solution to all needs and requirements. Even if you have a certain design in mind, or wish to build something original, many manufacturers also allow this. Gates can be made to a client’s specific needs; they can be simple or decorative. Nonetheless, all of these gates work the same: they protect you, your family and your valuables in all emergencies.