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Let’s face it: crime is a huge problem everywhere in the world but especially in South Africa. Safeguarding your loved ones and your possessions can be a constant source of anxiety. But not if you do it right the first time with Tonicdor security gates.

Do you need security gates, sliding security gates, in-house barriers or ? Perhaps you need shop front protection or access control to your business premises.

We have a range of competitively priced security products to protect your family, possession and home from would be criminals. We manufacture double upright trellis-style sliding security gates with two locks. The first lock is a slam lock, the second lock is a hook-lock.

Another great feature we provide for your convenience is one key access for multiple sliding security gates. Our Products come with a full 5 Year Guarantee. Whatever security you need, do it with a TONICDOR!!!

Is your security door a Tonicdor? – The number one security solutions provider in Gauteng, Johannesburg 

The security gate you place on your entrance ways and windows, whether at your home or your business, will become the first line of defence against criminal elements trying to gain entry. If your security door is not a Tonicdor, are you sure you are protected?

As top security solutions company in Gauteng, Johannesburg we know exactly what it takes to create doors that can withstand forced entry attempts. Alongside our retractable security gates in Johannesburg, we also manufacture the best driveway gates in Johannesburg

Our primary focus, however, is on creating world-class retractable security gates at competitive prices, giving all of our clients the opportunity to keep themselves safe.

As a South African, the security gate is one feature you simply can’t afford to do without. And with our affordable prices, you won’t have to put yourself, your family or your employees at risk by skipping this staple security feature.

Improve your safety with Trellis Gates from Tonicdor

When compared to all of the other types of security gates out there, nothing quite beats the formidable strength of the Trellis Gate. And as security gate manufacturers in Johannesburg, we specialise in the manufacturing of double upright trellis gates.

Using extra strong cold rolled tubing, these moulded slam lock trellis gates come with 2 locks; 1 slam lock and 1 hook lock, if you are buying the standard gate of course. Any home or business making use of this gate will instantly improve the overall safety once it has been correctly installed.

The Tonicdor Security Gates are powder coated and they are fixed on all 4 sides. Furthermore, they are also fitted with nylon plugs on coach screws. There is not a single part of the gate that is plastic, which further strengthens the gate. The connecting joints on the bottom of the gate are made of steel as are the runners on the top, which use steel bearings.

These doors can be installed anywhere in Gauteng and you’ll find that our retractable security gates in Johannesburg have a variety of applications. From being used as a sliding door, to be used on windows, or as additional security within the home or on shop fronts, these tremendously strong doors are a fantastic piece of security equipment that you should consider having.

As security gate manufacturers in Johannesburg, we aim to provide our clients with a wide range of gate options as well as colours. Currently, our security gates are available in white, black, cream, light grey and brown. These neutral colours can easily be matched to your home or business building’s current paintwork.

Why is Trellis better?

Widely accepted as one of the most effective types of security, the trellis door is often marketed as the one gate you have to have. These gates are manufactured according to the highest standards and they are designed to make entry into a building as difficult as possible. The sheer difficulty criminals will face is more than enough to put them off from attempting a break in.

What makes these gates so effective is not just the fact that they are produced with exceptionally strong steel, but they are also equipped with a 2 lock system. The first one is a highly effective slam lock which allows a person to quickly and easily lock the gate, even when under extreme pressure. The other lock is a manual hook, which is your classic lock and key. The second locks add extra security.

The fantastic thing about a trellis door is that one key will fit every trellis door in your home or office building. This makes the gate both convenient to have and easy to access. The doors can also be built according to custom sizes and as a result, are made to fit the space in which you want to place the gate. It’s not just the materials and the manufacturing process that makes the gate exceptionally strong, it’s also the installation process which ensures the stability and durability of each gate.

Convenient Burglar-Proofing from the best security gate manufacturers in Gauteng, Johannesburg

Our trellis doors are so much more than a door, they are also the perfect addition to windows and as such, they act as tough burglar proofing. Burglar proofing is a must regardless of the other types of security systems you have in place. But instead of opting for the inflexible, common burglar proofing which often lacks the strength to be effective, you can secure your windows with trellis security gates. With a trellis gate on your windows, you will never feel locked in, as you can fold them open whenever you want to.

The gates used on windows are just as strong as those used on doors, in fact, they are made from the same extra strength steel. Gates used on windows are ideal for both businesses and homes alike.

So, are you ready to increase your security measures and invest in a Tonicdor? As a top solutions company, our gates are protected by a warranty and installed professionally.