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Security Gates Centurion

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  • Double upright gate
  • 2 Lock system: 1 Slam-Lock & 1 Hook-Lock
  • Fixed on all 4 sides
  • No plastic parts

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    review rating 5  If you need good quality Trellis doors or security gates visit or contact Tonicdor in Krugersdorp.

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Instantly improve your safety by installing our security gates Centurion systems 

When it comes to improving your home or business security, having the right kind of security gate in place should be your very first course of action. Tonicdor steel security gates Centurion are a reliable defense barrier perfectly suitable for all kinds of properties.

As one of the leading security solutions companies based in the business hub of South Africa, our products are the go-to practical defense structures for countless homes and businesses in Gauteng.Take a look at our quality swing gates Centurion range and washing lines in Centurion solutions on our website today.

Our products are made from the most reliable materials, and constructed in such a way that they are nearly impossible to penetrate, our security gates are capable of withstanding even the best planned break in attempt. Our gate designs form an integral part in the strength of the gate and it plays a great role in the efficiency of product.

Our goal is to provide each of our clients with a state-of-the-art retractable gate at a competitive price. This allows all of our clients to invest in a product that will keep them safe.

Having a reliable, highly durable security gate in Centurion, shouldn’t be a matter of debate. These integral structures could become a vital part of your overall security set up.

Selecting the right kind of security gates from Tonicdor

The South African security gate market is just about flooded with all types of security gates, which vary both in design and in terms of the materials used to construct it. Some designs and materials are known to be better than others and it pays to talk to the experts should you be on the fence about which type of gate is most suitable for your purposes.

Tonidor specialises in manufacturing South Africa’s most sought after security gate, the Trellis. Ideal for Centurion homes and businesses, the Trellis security gate is capable of providing strength like no other.

The gates are manufactured using extra cold rolled tubing, which is used to create a moulded slam lock. These gates feature 2 types of locks. The slam lock, which comes in handy for emergency situations, while the other lock is the hook lock.

The security gates are powder coated and designed in such a way that they are fixed on all 4 sides. Every single part of the gate is made from steel, which further adds to the reliability and strength of the structure. Nylon plugs secure the coach screws and along the bottom of the gates, connecting joints made of steel provide additional strength. There are no vulnerable weak spots on these gates.

For those worrying about the aesthetics of these gates, they can rest assured knowing that our security gates are available in a range of neutral colours and designs. Currently these gates can be bought in cream, white, charcoal, brown and black.

The applications of our security gates go beyond the usual uses and because the gates are quite versatile in their applications, they are suitable for use on sliding doors, shop fronts and in homes. Not only do we offer these security gates for sale in Centurion, but we also provide expert installation services.

Why opt for the Trellis?

Trellis security gates have time and again been considered the best option. These products are manufactured following the highest standards in terms of the design, the manufacturing process and the installation. In every way, they are designed to make entry into a building as difficult as possible.

There is no doubt that the Trellis gate is one favoured amongst most South Africans. This style of gate is considered the best because they are manufactured in such a way that they are capable of meeting all security expectations. They make entry into the area they are protecting as difficult as possible and often just one look at these gates will be more than enough to turn criminals away. The effort to get pass these gates will outweigh the benefits.

One of the stand out benefits of these gates for the property owner is that the gates require only one key. You can have numerous gates set up in your home or business and not have to worry about different keys for each gate.

Perfect for burglar proofing

Trellis gates are wonderfully versatile and can be used for all sorts of purposes, including burglar proofing for windows of all shapes and sizes. While you’re more traditional burglar proofing can be ineffective, especially as many experienced criminals have already easily figured out exactly how to break or even remove the protection, a properly installed Trellis gate is not so easily beaten.

Although not a security feature, one benefit of these gates is that they can be opened in a way that makes them almost disappear, instantly improving the aesthetics of the space.

The Trellis gate used for windows is exactly the same as those used for doors. Made from the same strong steel and manufactured with a design that is impenetrable, using the Trellis gate on your windows is an added security bonus.

Keen on improving your security set up? With the assistance of Tonicdor, the leading security gate manufacturers in Centurion, you can soon enjoy the additional safety benefits of having our top of the range security gates Centurion solutions. Our products are protected by a warranty and we also provide installation. Contact us today for more information

From Tonicdor. We are a leading supplier of slam-lock security gates to private homes, small and large businesses, shops and warehouses, schools and even churches in Centurion.

Tonicdor –  All our security gates are sold by a Tonicdor representative and is fitted by Tonicdor’s competent staff.  No sub-contractors are used.

We work in the whole of Gauteng.

Security gates from Tonicdor are fitted with 2 locks – i x slam lock and 1 x hook lock

At Tonicdor we offer a full 5-year guarantee on our workmanship.

All our security gates are made from top quality new A-grade steel.

Normally, a 8mm x 60mm nylon plug in a brick wall is used to fit the gate to a standard wall. If the wall is poor and brittle, a poxy can be added.

From Tonicdor – We only make double upright security gates and burglar bars – meaning 12,7×12,7 tubing (0,9mm) The uprights are paralleled behind each other to form one line.

The wheels and connectors at the bottom are all steel.

Yes, Tonicdor can manufacture security barriers for windows. These barriers can have 1 x lock, to open and close – if needed, or alternatively fixed.

Application – to wash a window, as a serving hatch in a restaurant or reception area, for emergency escape in case of fire.