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Security Gates Krugersdorp

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  • Double upright gate
  • 2 Lock system: 1 Slam-Lock & 1 Hook-Lock
  • Fixed on all 4 sides
  • No plastic parts

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    review rating 5  If you need good quality Trellis doors or security gates visit or contact Tonicdor in Krugersdorp.

    thumb Stewart Murdoch

    review rating 5  What an amazing place to-do business with. Had front door gate and window burglar bars made and installed from them. They did an amazing job and price also good. I can recommend this place to anyone.

    thumb Jaydy Lategan

Find the best security gates Krugersdorp deals for your property at Tonicdor

Tonicdor has built a solid reputation for manufacturing tough security gates for both business and residential properties within the area. Built from steel and requiring little to no maintenance, our security gates Krugersdorp range is  the ideal defence system and should be included in your current security setup if you are looking for a better way to keep intruders out!

We have grown to become one of the leading security solutions companies in the Gauteng area and our range of superb security products include both swing gates and security gates. View our Randburg washing lines solutions or request a quote on Tonicdor’s swing gates in Randburg today. 

Used within hundreds of properties, our security gates provide a high level of security and have a high success rate. We have designed and manufactured each gate to do the job we’ve promised and we double check everything we do to ensure quality. The design along with the materials used, make our gates effective for crime prevention. We also make sure that the prices of the gates are kept affordable.

If you are on the fence about updating your security, now would be a great time to take a walk around your property and analyse the current setup. Is it protecting you or is it a liability?

Choosing the right gate

When it comes to security gates, as well as just about all types of security options, South Africans are presented with one of the most extensive selections, and it is important that you choose the right one for your needs. In some cases, there are certain designs and materials that are simply better than others and one of those options that stand out from the rest is the Trellis Security Gate. These are the types we’ve specialised in. We manufacture double upright Trellis Security gates and our clients can now buy one of their own.

Our gates are made using cold rolled tubing. These are created using a moulded slam lock. Each gate has 2 locks included in the design, one which is the slam lock and is ideal for emergency locking situations, and the other is the hook lock.

Each gate is powder coated, a method that makes the gate stronger, and each is fixed on all 4 sides. The gates have correctly fitted nylon plugs as well as coach screws. Not a single part of the gate is made from plastic, something that makes the gate extra strong, with even the connecting joints at the bottom and the runners along the top being made of steel.

Along with selling high-quality security gates we also offer each of our clients a professional installation service. The gates are capable of being used for a variety of applications and can be used on sliding doors, shop fronts and security within the home.

The gates are available in several different colours to perfectly fit in with the style of each property in which they are used. Currently, we have security gates available in black, brown, light grey, cream and white.

Why Trellis is better

As the Trellis Door has for a number of years been considered one of the best options available for those looking to improve their security, and seeing that they are manufactured according to the highest standards, this style is the one that you need. Each gate is designed in such a way that unwanted entry into a property is next to impossible. This is achieved through the design, manufacture and the installation of each gate.

By including a Trellis security gate in your home or your business, you benefit not just from the toughness of the barrier, but also from the fact that you will only need one key regardless of the number of security gates you have installed. One single key will give you access to all of the gates. Each gate is custom made and as a result can be placed into any space. Trellis gates are also incredibly reliable.

Durable Burglar Proofing

Everyone knows that traditional burglar proofing is often not up to modern standards. They are known to be faulty and many criminals have found a way to get past them. Anyone who is looking to instantly improve their security should consider having a Trellis gate installed in the place of their traditional burglar proofing. Trellis gates are almost impossible to get past as they are immensely difficult to break or remove.

When you make the decision to invest in a Trellis gate from Tonicdor, you can take full control of your protection. We offer our clients the most trusted, highly reliable security solutions which are backed up by a warranty.

From Tonicdor. We are a leading supplier of slam-lock security gates to private homes, small and large businesses, shops and warehouses, schools and even churches in Krugersdorp.

Tonicdor –  All our security gates are sold by a Tonicdor representative and is fitted by Tonicdor’s competent staff.  No sub-contractors are used.

We work in the whole of Gauteng.

Security gates from Tonicdor are fitted with 2 locks – i x slam lock and 1 x hook lock

At Tonicdor we offer a full 5-year guarantee on our workmanship.

All our security gates are made from top quality new A-grade steel.

Normally, a 8mm x 60mm nylon plug in a brick wall is used to fit the gate to a standard wall. If the wall is poor and brittle, a poxy can be added.

From Tonicdor – We only make double upright security gates and burglar bars – meaning 12,7×12,7 tubing (0,9mm) The uprights are paralleled behind each other to form one line.


The wheels and connectors at the bottom are all steel.

Yes, Tonicdor can manufacture security barriers for windows. These barriers can have 1 x lock, to open and close – if needed, or alternatively fixed.

Application – to wash a window, as a serving hatch in a restaurant or reception area, for emergency escape in case of fire.