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Do you have the right security gates and doors in Pretoria to keep you protected?

The security gate is the most pivotal point of security that any home or business can invest in. And a reliable Tonicdor security gates & doors in Pretoria will become the first barrier of defence should criminals attempt to break into your property.

We are a security solutions company based in Gauteng, and our products, such as security gates in Johannesburg, have been used throughout the province, keeping buildings secure from criminal elements. Our security gates are made to withstand even the bravest of forced entry attempts. We source highly durable materials and work with a gate design that serves to reinforce the strength and efficiency of the product. Our goal is to create a world-class retractable gate at a highly competitive price so that all of our clients can invest in a product that will keep them, those they love or their businesses safe.

A security gate, especially one in an urban area like Pretoria, is the one security product that you should not leave out of your current security set up.

The right security gates and doors in Pretoria system to improve your safety

With so many gate options on the South African market, selecting the right one means knowing which designs are better than others. The Trellis security gate is able to provide strength unlike any other. Tonicdor specialises in the manufacturing of double upright Trellis Security Gates, perfect for Pretoria citizens.

Our doors make use of extra cold rolled tubing to create a moulded slam lock gate. Complete with 2 locks (one is a slam lock, perfect for emergency locking, and the other is a hook lock), every type of home or business can quite easily improve their security simply by having one of our gates correctly installed.

Each of our security gates is powder coated and they are designed to be fixed on all 4 sides. The gates also have nylon plugs on the coach screws. The one key to the efficiency of the gate is that not a single part of it is made of plastic. Both the connecting joints on the bottom of the gate and the runners on the top are made of steel. In fact, every part of the gate is steel, which ensures that the gate has no weak spots.

These security gates in Pretoria are not just available to buy, but we’ll also use our skills to install them. Our gates can be used for a variety of applications, including sliding doors, shop fronts and within homes.

Our security gates are available in a range of colours and designs. Our most popular colours include black, cream, white, brown and light grey. The neutral colours complement all décor, blending in perfectly with both the building it is used on and the surroundings.

Trellis is better

Trellis security gates have time and again been considered the best option. These products are manufactured following the highest standards in terms of the design, the manufacturing process and the installation. In every way, they are designed to make entry into a building as difficult as possible. One look at the gate is usually enough to turn criminals away as they note just how difficult a break in attempt will be.

Trellis gates generally only require one key. So you can have a number of these doors installed throughout your home or business and need only one key to access them all. Gates can also be custom manufactured, which basically means we can create a gate that will easily fit into any space, including windows.

A unique type of burglar proofing

Traditional burglar proofing is not the only option you have at your disposal. Because our security systems are highly durable and also adaptable, they are the perfect burglar proofing for windows of all sizes. The more traditional burglar proofing is somewhat ineffective, especially as criminals have learned how to effectively remove them, often completely breaking them free of their fixtures. Our security gates are made to withstand damage and attempted destruction.

One of the great things about using a Trellis gate on a window is that it can be opened in such a way that the gate will seem to disappear completely. The gates which can be used on windows are the same as those used on doors. And as with the gates used on doors, the security gates for windows are made from extra strong steel.

Now is the best time to improve your security measures with a Tonicdor security gate in Pretoria solutions, we can assist you. We offer installation services and our gates are protected by a warranty.