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Browse through our selection of powder coated swing gates in Midrand

Tonicdor swing gates in Midrand have the power to instantly improve your security, whether it is a residential home or a business property. We manufacture our swing gates using the best materials and our years of intricate experience ensure that we can add certain aspects to our gates which makes them more efficient in the protection of your property. 

Swing gates go by a few other names, including backdoor gates, welded gates and driveway gates. But regardless of what they are called, we always manufacture them according to the industry standards, using the best materials, which means they are more than capable of doing their job.

Explore our range of manufactured driveway gates Johannesburg today. Contact us today to find out more about this product and others available for purchase. Our team is ready to assist in finding the perfect swing gate for you. 

We take pride in manufacturing custom made swing gates, which is quite unlike our competitors who are not always capable of doing so. Before we manufacture the gate, we source the strongest materials and this factor guarantees that the gate is tough and durable. Our gates have a tremendously long lifespan and will require very little maintenance. Usually, we manufacture our swing gates using a 25 x 25 mm frame along with a 19 x 19 mm filling. The bars are placed vertically with an 80 mm to 100 mm spacing between each bar. The gates are co2 welded and each has a 45* Mitre cornering.

Ideal for complexes, as well as homes and businesses, we can create doors and swing gates in Midrand which are perfectly capable of suiting a variety of custom requirements. For instance, a custom gate can include an open space through which a dog or cat can pass through. 

By taking the time to work closely with each of the clients who contact us, we can find out precisely what it is that they need. One of our biggest aims is to provide clients with a personalised service. With our extra attention to detail, clients can look forward to a long-lasting product which will require very little maintenance. Our gates are also available in a wide range of colours which include cream, white, black, brown and bronze. The gates are fitted with a two-pin lock; the first is the usual lock and key while the other is a push pin which is both convenient and can be used in emergency situations. Finally, the gates are given a powder finishing which not only gives them a smooth appearance but also adds to their strength.

Swing gates can be used on door and other entryways, but they are also quite ideal when used as driveway gates. When custom built, the exact size of the driveway can be accommodated.

A swing gate is manufactured to keep intruders out, and they are more than capable of doing this when they are correctly installed. Clients can take the DIY route, if they are so inclined, or they can allow our professional installation team to do so on their behalf.

Why should you choose a swing gate?

Swing gates in Midrand are growing in popularity even though there is the option of having a sliding gate. The swing gate is often preferred over the other options and this is because they have a few benefits which outweigh the other choices.

Some of these benefits include:

They will not make a noise: The sound of a buzzing, rattling gate is enough to annoy anyone, once it is too loud. A swing gate is not going to do this and although they can get a little squeaky over time, a little lubrication will fix this.

They can be used on properties of all kinds: Sliding gates do not take kindly to properties situated on a hill. Then tend to become a victim to the force of gravity and in time they can bend and break. With a swing gate, this is not something that will happen.

They are easy to have installed: If you are a handy person, these gates can be given the DIY treatment. But if you want to save time and effort, you can always allow our team to install it on your behalf.

They look good: The swing gate has a reputation for being far more attractive than the other options. And the fact that they swing open can be rather majestic.

Invest in our excellent swing gates in Midrand for your property by getting in touch with us. We can answer any of your questions and create a custom quotation for you.