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Swing Gates and Driveway Gates


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At Tonicdor we offer an extra service of manufacturing, Swing gates (so called welded gates or backdoor gates, drive way gates) in Johannesburg. Most other Trellis companies do not offer this service,

Normal standard swing gates are constructed from 25 x 25 mm frame with 19 x 19 mm fillings ( the bars going vertical up and down the gate ) plus minus 80mm -to-100 mm apart. All welds are co2 welding. With 45* Mitre corners.

But different configuration can be discussed with the client,eg: narrow bar spacing for dogs, not going through, or wide enough for the dog to go out.

We also powder coat our gate for a nice smooth and durable finish. (white, black, cream, or bronze brown.) Swing gates are fitted with a descant Ultra-E lock, it is a two pin lock witch can be lock by the key or push-pin for convenience or in emergency.

We can also manufacture drive way gates, eg, private homes or town house complex’s. (D.I.Y. or we can arrange for installation)