Washing Lines Pretoria

View our range of custom washing lines in Pretoria 

Providing clients with custom made fold away washing lines in Pretoria, as well as offering installation, Tonicdor has a range of options for you to browse through. Sturdy, durable and ideal for small spaces, our washing lines are perfect for those living in Pretoria.

Foldaway washing lines are very popular in the city. Unlike the conventional wash line, which cannot be moved without considerable effort and is generally erected in a garden, fold away wash lines can be mounted in all sorts of indoor, or outdoor, set ups. With limited space in urban flats and townhouses, but the ever present need to have a place to hang ones washing out to dry, our selection of foldaway washing lines in Johannesburg are ideal for properties of all kinds. Along with providing retractable lines, our team is also perfectly capable of correctly installing the line and doing any necessary repairs.

Our wash lines easily fit onto outdoor verandas or balconies and they also fit perfectly into garages. When not in use, the lines can be folded back, out of the way, opening the space once more so you won’t ever feel overcrowded in your home.

While conventional wash lines, those sitting outside, left to the elements, tend to need a lot of extra maintenance, our wash lines are resistant to corrosion, won’t rust and also won’t be affected by the harsh rays of the sun. The worry of having to deal with slacking lines is also a thing of the past when you have one of our custom made lines.

The product and our installation service are offered to both residents and commercial property developers in search of an affordable clothes drying option that will stay looking neat for years to come.

The benefits of a wash line

With these wash lines, delicate clothing won’t be hung out to be damaged in the sun, which is one of the main reasons why having a wash line of this kind is so important. And over the years, the wash line has not exactly had the best reputation, as many feel that they end up looking unsightly, a trait that property owners looking to rent out homes or flats prefer the folded wash line rather than the fixed one. These are just two of the many benefits of having line of this kind, the others include:

  • Saving Money

While having a tumble dryer is certainly an attractive option, especially for those rainy days when nothing gets dry, South Africa enjoys an abundance of warm days which makes having a wash line the perfect alternative. With a wash line, you will be saving money by not having to buy or maintain a machine and by not having to pay out extra on electricity each month. Clothing lines themselves are also really affordable.

  • Energy Conservation

Reducing energy consumption and choosing to live a greener life is the way of the future, and there is no better way to go green than to start by ensuring that you rely on nature to get your clothes dry.

  • Fresher Clothing

When clothes are aired for a part of the day, they tend to smell fresher as odours are given the chance to air out. This is a benefit that those with a particular sensitive nose will appreciate.

  • Gentle on clothing

Tumble drying can be quite abrasive and for delicate clothing it can result in damage. Hanging out your clothing on a wash line is the gentler option.

  • Reduced fire risk

With any heat generating appliances, there is always the risk of fire. Of course, if you hang your clothing out on a wash line, there is just about no risk of clothing going up in flames unless you hang them close to a heater.

Buy custom washing lines in Pretoria for your property in Pretoria from Tonicdor and enjoy all of the benefits of naturally drying your clothing. Our team will quickly have you set up with the very best, most reliable wash line.