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  • Fold away washing line
  • You’ll save money
  • You’ll conserve energy
  • Clothing will be fresh

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View custom fold away washing lines Roodepoort solutions from Tonicdor 

A custom-made fold away washing line is the perfect clothes drying solution if you are looking to save money.  We are washing lines Roodepoort manufacturers. Our lines are tough and durable, ideal for homes with limited space.

Most homes, at least those with a garden, will have a conventional wash line, the type that is fixed in the ground. But with the sizes of properties shrinking, and with more people living in flats, having a retractable wash line is becoming a very popular option. Fold away wash lines can be installed either within a home or a garage, or they can be set up outside, on a veranda or balcony. With space so limited and the need to have a place to dry clothing always being an issue, our custom wash lines are the ideal solution.

We manufacture all types of security barriers for your home or office space. Take a look at our range of Krugersdorp wash lines solutions for home or office use.

As their name states, the fold away wash line is put away when not in use, which means your space won’t be taken up. We provide the ideal clothes drying solution and our team can have it quickly set up for you.

Conventional wash lines really take a knock and they often need loads of maintenance over the years. These lines are left to the elements and over time they tend to rust and corrode, as the sun, wind and rain cause damage. The great thing about our retractable wash lines is that even if the line is left out in the elements, it won’t be affected in the same way. You also won’t have to worry about the lines becoming slack. We use the best materials when manufacturing our custom wash lines for Roodepoort homes.

Both our products as well as our installation services are made available to residents and commercial property developers who are looking to add an affordable and practical drying solution that won’t look tacky after years of use.

The benefits of having a wash line 

One of the biggest benefits of having a wash line of this kind is that you don’t have to hang your clothes outside unless you have it installed out there that is. With a retractable wash line, your delicate clothing won’t be sun damaged or rained out, and you can be more flexible with the time of day during you do your washing. Then there is the fact that your wash line won’t be subjected to the elements and end up looking pretty unsightly. These are not the only benefits you can look forward to. Other great benefits include:

·        You’ll save money

Having a tumble dryer can certainly come in useful when you have a rainy day, but they are not really practical for everyday use unless you plan to spend a lot of money on electricity. It is no secret that tumble dryers consume huge amounts of power and with South Africa having so many sunny days, it seems rather unnecessary to use this appliance when you don’t have to. Installing a clothing line costs next to nothing and once up, you won’t be paying out for electricity.  

  •       You’ll conserve energy

Using a clothesline is a greener option as you will be using absolutely no electricity to dry your clothing. Nature will do all the work for you and you’ll be doing the environment a favour.

  •       Clothing will be fresh

Air drying clothing tends to leave clothes smelling fresher as it gives the fabrics more than enough time to air out all odours, even the tough ones. This is a great benefit for those who might be sensitive to smells.

·        Air drying is gentle on clothing 

When you throw your clothing in a tumble dryer, you are subjecting it to an abrasive appliance which could easily damage your clothing. Hanging out your clothes on a line is far gentler on fabrics.

·        No fire risk

Overheated tumble dryers are always a fire risk. When you have a clothesline, your clothes catching on fire is realistically not something you have to worry about.

You can buy affordable washing lines Roodepoort products from Tonicdor and experience all of these benefits and more when you choose to dry your clothes naturally. Contact us today and allow us to set you up with the perfect clothes drying solution.

Tonicdor. We also work with developers and body corporates in Roodepoort for bulk washing line installations.

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Aluminum powder coated. No plastic parts – Stainless steel bolts and nuts which means no more rust.

Tonicdor. D.I.Y. @ R780-00(collect at our factory) or fitted R950-00 in the West Rand area, please call for fitting prices in other areas.

Standard dimensions:  1,8m (length) x 1.0m (width) – 8 lines (14.4 m of hanging space).

White powder coated for durability. The frame is 25 x 25 mm mild steel

Real sturdy, fixed with 6 couch screws to your wall.